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2024 Masters Preview

Updated: Mar 31

The US Masters at Augusta National Golf Club is renowned for its prestige and challenging course conditions. As we gear up for the 88th edition of this historic tournament, GolfTipsters takes a deep dive into the history and our top tips. 

Course Overview:

  • Augusta National: Par 72, 7,555 yards

  • Notable features: Meticulously manicured Bentgrass greens, challenging par-4s, and pivotal par-5s

  • Recent renovations: Key holes like the 11th and 15th have been lengthened, altering strategies for players

Player Analysis:

  • Focus on in-form players: Recent Masters champions have often displayed strong performances leading up to the tournament.

  • Past champions' pre-Masters form underscores the significance of momentum.

  • Defending the title is a rare feat, achieved only by golfing legends like Tiger Woods and Jack Nicklaus.

Key Performance Factors:

  • Powerful driving and precise approach play are paramount to winning at Augusta.

  • Recent winners have excelled in strokes gained on approach, indicating the importance of iron play.

  • Par-4 birdie or better conversion rates are crucial indicators of success in recent Masters tournaments.

US Masters tips

Golf betting at the Major Championships, and especially The Masters, is a complex subject.  A Golftipsters membership provides the best value players to back at the 2024 Masters.

Interesting facts before you bet;

  • The betting favourite hasn’t won in 12 years. 

  • No one over 50 has won the Masters. 

  • A Masters debutant hasn’t won since Fuzzy Zoeller in 1979. 

  • Only three winners have defended their Masters title (Nicklaus 65/66, Faldo 89/90, Tiger 01/02)

  • No player from Austria, Belgium, Chile, Ireland, Italy, Korea, Mexico, Northern Ireland, Norway or Sweden has won the Masters. 

  • An incredible 23 of the last 25 winners had a top 30 at the Masters under their belt before winning at Augusta National. Experience can’t be underestimated.

  • Seven of the last eight champions were first-time Masters winners. 

  • 10 of the last 11 winners ranked inside the top seven in Greens in Regulation in their victory.

  • The last 11 Masters champions had at least one top 10 in a major championship before their win. 

  • The last 17 Masters champions have started very well, with all of them inside the top 11 on the leaderboard after the opening round. Their scoring average has been 68.76. 

  • 24 of the last 25 winners played and made the cut, in the Masters before their win. 

  • 22 of the last 25 winners were at least T38 or better in the Masters start before donning the green jacket. 

  • Tee-to-Green: The last 11 winners had gained at least 18 strokes in their previous four measured starts leading into the Masters. 

  • The last nine Masters champions averaged 28.39 putts per round on the way to their win.  


Form is temporary

We always warn punters interested in backing the tournament winner immediately before a Major Championship. However, there are a few notable exceptions.  

When it comes to the Masters, there’s a definite trend; and that’s not to back the winner of the Masters warm-up event, which, since 2007, has always been in Texas. 

Last year Corey Conners won the Valero Texas Open in San Antonio for the second time, but ultimately couldn’t go back-to-back and claim the Green Jacket. Only Kim and Spieth have rewarded their backers with an each-way return.

How to get your green jacket?

With many talented players and unpredictable course conditions, picking a winner can feel like a shot in the dark. Forget last year's leaderboard – this year's Masters demands a smarter approach.

This guide equips you with the principles of strategic betting, helping you move beyond random picks and towards informed choices. We'll reveal techniques to maximize your chances of success, showing you how to find value and spread your bets wisely. Remember, knowledge is power on the golf course – and the betting green.

Reduce Risk with Each-Way Bets:

For a safer approach, consider "each-way" (e/w) bets. They cover both winning the tournament outright and finishing in a specific place (check details with your sportsbook). This spreads your risk and offers peace of mind. Target e/w bets on golfers with longer odds (over 200/1) for the biggest potential advantage.

Spread Your Bets Strategically:

Don't put all your eggs in one basket! Instead, distribute your bets across a wider range of golfers (around 22% of the field, roughly 22 players). This balances your win rate with potential returns and lets you benefit from compound interest over time.

Focus on Value, Not Just Favorites:

Surprisingly, favorites only win about 8% of the time! Look for golfers with odds between 22/1 and 150/1, where the potential value is greater.

Find the Hidden Gems:

The secret to success? Value betting! Don't just pick favorites. Look for golfers whose odds are higher than their actual chance of winning. This requires researching and analysing player form, course history, and other factors. But it's the key to gaining a long-term edge in golf betting.

Bonus Tip:

Don't bet equal amounts on golfers with different odds. Aim for similar potential returns from each bet. For example, instead of a $10 bet on a 25/1 player and a $10 bet on a 150/1 player, consider placing five $2 bets on 125/1 players. This gives you the same potential return as the single bet on the 25/1 player, spread across multiple golfers.

But for the ultimate edge this Masters, look no further than GolfTipsters. Our expert analysis goes beyond the surface, uncovering hidden value and delivering the best picks tailored for this year's tournament.

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