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Golf Betting: A Guide for Long-Term Success

Updated: Apr 18

This guide is designed for those new to golf betting or those looking to improve their strategy. We'll cover everything from picking a bookmaker to developing a winning approach.

Getting started

Understanding BetsGolf betting involves two styles: each-way (e/w) and outright winners. Betting outright means predicting a player to finish first, while each-way involves predicting a player to finish within one of the top places. The terms vary, typically paying out for the top 5, 8, or 10 positions.

Check out our detailed article for a deeper understanding of each-way betting and its value.

The long game

While making money in every tournament is unrealistic, sustained success comes from playing the long game. Our experience in golf betting since 2018 reveals a clear upward trend, emphasising the need for a minimum 6-month commitment for profitable results.

Forget about short-term gains. Consistent profits come from a long-term strategy and discipline.

Keeping calm

Contrary to common belief, sports betting involves more than just mathematics and market analysis. Patience, consistency, and composure are crucial traits for success.

  • Patience: Wait for bets to play out. Early struggles don't guarantee failure.

  • Consistency: Stick to your strategy, even during losing streaks.

  • Composure: Don't let wins or losses cloud your judgment. Make rational decisions.

Developing a profitable strategy

Discipline alone won't guarantee success; a profitable strategy is equally essential. Instead of competing with bookmakers who invest heavily in research, leverage their predictions to your advantage.

  • Outsmarting the Bookmakers: They set odds to make money, not predict winners.

  • Focus on Value: Avoid favourites with low odds and longshots with high odds. A better strategy is to look for undervalued players with good potential returns.

The two most common strategies

  • High-Risk, High-Reward: Betting on a few players to win outright can lead to big wins and long losing streaks.

  • Low-Risk, Consistent Wins: Spreading bets across multiple players with E/W options offers smaller, more frequent wins.

The GolfTipsters Approach (Our Paid Service)

Our strategy focuses on consistent wins with a lower-risk approach:

  • Finding undervalued players: We use an algorithm to identify players with odds that don't reflect their true potential.

  • Diversification: We recommend placing smaller bets on a variety of players.

  • Each-way betting increases your chances of a payout even if you don't pick the outright winner.

The Results

Our algorithm prioritises the top 22% of players with the highest discrepancy between our prediction and the bookmakers' odds. This leads to a higher win rate and consistent profits.

Ready to go?

The options are simple; Develop your strategy or join GolfTipsters We offer a free trial of our service.


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