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  • Compounding strategy: our compounding strategy minimises risk so you can compound your winnings more quickly

Results of the pro algorithm

To simplify the graphs, assume 1 point = $10. E.g.: each tournament you bet 20 points ($200). +35 points means a profit of $355, -20 points means a loss of $200.

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At $10 per point.

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As a % of inital bank.
From Jan 1st '18 till now

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Avg. Monthly Profit

At $10 per point.

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Strike Rate

Percent of events with positive return.

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Winner Strike Rate

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Divide your starting bank by this num = what you should stake per event. Lower the better.

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For weekly tournaments, you’ll see tips on our website once the bookie odds are available on – typically Monday of each week. We’ll also send these tips to your inbox automatically every Tuesday.
While the “best value” golfer picks are the same for everyone, we customize your tips based on the betting budget that you’ve specified and your preferred bookies.
Ideally, you’ll want to place your bets as soon as possible after you receive your weekly email. Odds are dynamic, so placing your bets before the odds change locks in the value that our algorithm has identified If you find the odds have changed, we recommend that you still bet on the same players tipped, as changes are usually not drastic.
You should. Through 2021, we generated a profit in 11 out of 12 months. If you don’t profit during your trial period, send us a message and we’ll extend your trial for another 30 days.
We provide tips for both the DP World Tour and PGA tours.
To align with the overall GolfTipsters profit experience, we recommend that you split your betting budget and bet on both tours.
Our Pro Version algorithm provides bet recommendations for 17 to 27 golfers per event. We recommend this approach for a couple of reasons. First, it reduces your risk on any one event, and provides more consistent returns. Second, it makes it easier to compound your winnings and slowly increase your stakes in future events.
We do not make the bets for you – you’ll need to place these yourself. However, we provide all the betting information you need, on bookie and stake, to ensure the bets you make are profitable over the long term.
Very rarely, as there’s little value in betting on favorites. We looked back at 363 events dating back to the start of 2016. The pre-event bookie favorite won 30 times, or 8.26% of the time. With average (median) odds of 9/1 (which is equivalent to 1.11%), this represents poor value for your betting dollar.
We do. We send a weekly email to you showing our results based on the best odds and terms available.
You can become a GolfTipsters pro version member for $1 – this gives you access to our algorithm for 30 days. After those first 30 days, the cost is $29.99 a month.
Bookmakers make a 'book', a table of odds, in a such a way that they can make a profit no matter the outcome of an event. For example, if there were 4 players competing, each with an equal chance of winning, they would have a 25% chance of winning, equivalent to odds of 3/1. However, a bookie will list players with slightly worse odds, as if they had a better than possible chance of winning. So, instead of 3/1 odds, they might list each player at 2/1 odds. This ensures the bookies will make money no matter who wins the event. However, as bets are placed, some golfers will be more favored betting targets than others. To avoid losses, the bookmarkers have algorithms that adjust player odds based on where people are betting. For example, using our 4 player example, a bookie might increase the odds of one golfer to 4/1 to attract additional bets. This implies a 20% chance of winning, when the true odds of the player winning is 25%. This 5% difference is the additional “value” that our algorithm seeks out and finds.

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